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Listening for Life: Cultivating the Courage to Connect

Patricia Taylor Johnson

Pat Johnson starts with stories from her work as a chaplain, draws us into the wonder, awe and grace she experiences, and then offers ways to reflect on our own spiritual journeys. A gifted storyteller, she weaves together the world of the hospital and the world of the spirit, drawing us into God's presence through her own experiences, and with the questions she poses to us.This book can be read all at once, or you can savor each section, using it for reflection, journaling and prayer. The author's experiences mirror our experiences of fear and worry, connection and faith. and she leads us reliably toward God with her writing.  --

Mary Austin, author of Ashes at the Coffee Shop, Resurrection at the Bus Stop, Senior Pastor, Gaithersburg Presbyterian Church

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For the Love of Blankets

Patricia Taylor Johnson

It was a few years ago that I began writing stories about the blankets that were given out to patients at some of the hospitals where I worked as a chaplain. The stories these blankets generated sat on my computer for quite some time until I realized that they needed to be shared.


When writing a book, one always asks: Who is my audience? This was a very easy question to answer when I realized that those who made these donated blankets seldom, if ever, knew what happened to them.

It became my dream to put these stories together in a book to share.

This would be a perfect gift to give to someone who shares their blanket creations with others in need!

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