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The Baby is Born!

After waiting over a year for the process to complete, the written book is now in our hands!

Two boxes of books arrived and were set on my porch about a week and half ago! I scrambled to open them, and held one close to my heart.

The first 10 books were given to a group of knitters and crocheters at my own church, Greenfield Presbyterian. I was touched by a thank you note I received from one of the knitters. Several more books were set aside to give to donors. Others have now been reserved to bring to Mission and Christmas Fairs to generate more donations so that more books can be printed. Ten were taken to a local hospital gift shop to sell. We are on our way!

Donations have temporarily slowed down, but we are hopeful that the fairs will generate enough for a second run of the books.

If you have given to our cause, we are so grateful! If you are thinking of donating, we would greatly appreciate your support! Go to to donate.


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