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Listening for Life: The Book!

Have you ever experienced the joy of being truly listened to? Do you remember being able to speak a thought without interruption or judging comment? Do you recall looking into another person’s eyes while talking and seeing interest or empathy?

This is a precious gift that we can give one another by investing our full attention without allowing distracting thoughts or interruptions occur. Can you imagine creating a silent space for another person without feeling like you have to fill it? What would it be like to simply be present for another person and not feel the compulsion to say anything especially in a moment of trauma?

Listening for Life: Cultivating the Courage to Connect will give you examples of how to listen when others have something to share. These vignettes were taken from my chaplaincy experiences over the past fifteen years. You can be a silent observer as you listen in on the conversation. You will then have access to some of my own thoughts, and finally, you will be encouraged to think about your own responses to perhaps a similar interaction in your own life. How might you improve upon your response so that the other person feels heard and cared for?

The front cover depicts a bruised heart. Listening can set the bruised heart free!

My hope is that you will become more aware and sensitive to others as they speak to you, will listen to your internal voice and will listen with faith to the voice of God as you care for others.

My book and/or e-book will be available for purchase on April 21, 2021, from Amazon and the publisher, Emerge I would love to know what you think!


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