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Happy as a Clam

A few years ago, I received a message from a family member from one of my colleagues. It was on a sticky note and pressed on to my desk. It said something like this:

Please call Mr. Carson ASAP.

His wife has lost her blanket,

and is begging him to call

and ask for another one!

I took note of it just before I had to respond to an emergency at the hospital. One thing led to another, and it was almost late afternoon before I could return phone calls. I sat down at my desk, and there was another sticky note pressed next to the first one:

Don’t bother calling back

Mr. Carson. He found his

wife’s blanket, and she

is happy as a clam, wrapped up

in it and sleeping like a baby.

We can never minimize the importance of our blankets and those who spend hours making them. Sometimes they are more important to the patient than anything else!


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