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Hamburger to Go!

I asked the patient who told me that she was raised in a Methodist family but had been baptized a Catholic for the sake of her husband. “Are you a Catholic Methodist or a Methodist Catholic?”

“Definitely a Methodist Catholic!”

She and her family were full of jokes and light-hearted banter. When asked about a love blanket, she told me her favorite color was blue. “It is NOT!” her daughter pushed out a large laugh.

When I brought the blanket up to her, it had a red backing (which did happen to be her favorite color). Unfortunately, I made the mistake of not opening the blanket and looking at the front of it before I presented it to her.

I brought it into her room, showed her the red edges and then opened it up, its quilted side to me and the red backing to her. To my horror, I saw two pieces quilted on the front of the blanket---two bacon cheese hamburgers with tomato, lettuce and onions! It was too late to take it back! The joke, this time, was on me! I’m sure the patient and family will never forget the look on my face when I unfolded that blanket! I can still hear them laughing after I showed it to them!


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