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Our Baby is Coming!!

Thanks to our generous donors, For the Love of Blankets, has been given a due date and is expected to arrive en masse by the end of October, 2019.

What a long process to self-publish! I had no idea when we began this project well over a year ago. The stories had already been written. It was everything else that took so many hours (along with blood, sweat and tears, of course).

We have already lined up the first recipients of our book--the creative people at Greenfield Presbyterian Church--who have faithfully donated their blankets to us several times this year. What a joy it will be to hand one to each person and say thank you, letting the group know what actually happens to their blankets!

Though we have enough books to give away to 2-4 more groups, we will be fundraising now for the second run of the book. Please consider giving to this special project. Go to Thank you!


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