photo by: Stephen Hankal

“The retreat (I attended) was very fulfilling. It came at a time in my life when I needed to stop and listen and then, in a quiet time and place, consider my spiritual needs. (Pat) provided the opportunity to experience loving and supportive guidance as I looked for answers to some very difficult questions..."


“As a first-time retreat participant at age 71, I was amazed at the experience...I don’t think I was prepared for the intense changes it would make in my outlook on life. I came to the retreat full of anger, resentment, stress-filled anxiety and hopelessness..I left two days later, relaxed, full of hope and anticipating what lay ahead..."


“Pat’s gentle and thoughtful manner enabled me to discover that not only could I find ways to express my joy in the Lord, but that I could also find a safe place to express my anger with the Lord. Her guidance in directing me to read the Psalms...of lament, allowed me to learn that it is ok, and sometimes very necessary, to let God know that I am sad and angry. Getting in touch with that, and learning that I have permission to do that, gave me a release from something I had been carrying around for far too long.”


“Many people try to take a “7 Step” or “Four Key” training approach to hear God’s voice, but Pat’s approach to hear the voice of God is simply:  Take a walk...God is within (us) talking (to us) through what we see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears. Intermingle with nature. God is talking!”


"For me, spiritual direction has become an integral part of my faith journey.  The value of having someone who has known me, over time and through a variety of circumstances is priceless.  Pat is able to give me a perspective that no one else can.  She has walked with me through loneliness and desolation as well as times of abundance and joy - always pointing me toward Jesus and helping me to become more like him.  

A guided retreat is like going on a nature walk with someone who knows the flora and fauna of the land.  The land is the heart and a spiritual director can help you navigate the nooks a crannies in a way that exposes God's mercy."